Losing It All

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A funny Story

I thought I would make this a separate post, since it doesn't really relate to my last post.

So I went to the gym last night per my usual routine, the place was absolutly packed! I guess a lot of people made new years resolutions to get in shape this year. Anyway, that's a completely different story. So I was walking to my car after my workout and you will not believe what was circling the parking lot at the gym..... a giant Wendy's van with a huge burger, fries and a frosty on the side of it. Now if that's not encouraging people to break their new year's resolution I don't know what is!!!! And it's not like this van was looking for parking, it was circling past lots of open spaces! And you could see the looks on the new dieters faces.... mmmmm Wendy's......

Man I gotta Go!

Okay. So I decided to make it my goal today to drink the 100 oz of water that I should be drinking. (Yes I still had my coffee, you don't want to see me without my coffee) And now I really need to go potty. I'm wondering if it is only because I know that I am consuming more water that I think I have to pee. That's it. It's all in my head. I am a head case. I don't have to pee. No really I do. I was doing some more research on water consumption this morning. I had no idea how much drinking the proper amount of water could affect weight loss. There was one article that stated if you upped your water level to where it should be you could lose 10 pounds in the first month alone. So I'm going to test that theory. Between that, going to the gym three times per week and then change in my diet I should be able to lose more than 10 pounds in the next month. So we'll see. Apparently increasing water consumption helps your body to flush out all of the bad stuff, including fat. And that water naturally increases your metabolism. Definitely a bonus. And it also helps to form lean muscle. So I guess there really aren't any downsides to drinking water. (Unless you drink way too much or consider frequent restroom visits a downside) I will however miss my iced tea.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


So I was driving to work this morning and listening to the radio (yeah I know whoopdy doo) and they were talking about water consumption. They were talking about how 75% of all Americans are dehydrated. And I was thinking... well that's not me... I drink a lot of water. Well I was sadly mistaken!!!! I knew that coffee was not good for you, especially since it is diuretic. Well anyway the Doctor that they were talking to said that everyone should drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Well that is 64 oz. I do that easily. The part that I didn't know was that for every 8 oz drink you have that is caffinated you need to replace that 8oz and drink 4 more ounces. Well I drink a 24 oz cup of coffee every morning. So that would make my water requirement the basic 64 oz. and 36 more ounces to replace the water lost by the cup of coffee that I have in the morning. That is 100 oz of water a day! Wow! I don't even know if I have enough time in the day to drink that much water. And if I drink tea (also a huge fan of tea) I have to drink even more water!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh! At that rate I am going to have to get one of those squishy toilet seats because I will be spending so much time in the bathroom! Just kidding. I can't picture myself with a squishy toilet seat (although, when visiting older relatives that is quite nice). Well I guess that works out to just about 10 oz of water an hour if you are awake for 16 hours, but that is a lot of water!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And it starts now!

Okay. So I don't really think I want to comment on how my weigh in went this weekend. But I guess since that is the purpose of this blog i have to. I managed to gain a pound. So for those of you that are keeping track I have gained 2.5 pounds. But I guess that's not bad. At least the holiday's are over for a while and my real progress can start now. I can definitely see where the pound came from though. tehehe beer will do that. They can say light beer has less calories and blah blah but it still hits ya right in the gut. And I remembered why I don't drink often. I didn't have a hang over from the alcohol but I sure had a smoker's hang over from smoking too damn much!