Losing It All

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wow I'm a slacker!

So I am a giant slacker, and I am not doing so well at maintaining this Blog, maybe that's because I am trying to juggle to blogs right now. One about weight loss and one about life in general. Sorry to anyone out there who may possibly be reading this. As of the weigh in on Saturday I was down 10 lbs so far. And depending on how you want to look at it that is 6.25% of my goal or to look at it Biggest Loser style I have lost 3.11% of myself. I know that's not how they word it there but I guess that will have to work. I just looked at the calendar and realized that I have only been doing this whole life change thing for seven weeks, but it feels like a lot longer. Everyone always told me "if you quit eating fast food you will lose weight really fast" hah. I just proved them wrong now didn't I!!!!


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