Losing It All

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


So today has been a little better than yesterday. One of my coworkers commented on the fact that she remembers when I bought the pants that I am wearing today, (about 10 months ago) and they fit perfectly. Now they are really loose. I hadn't even really noticed it myself but they are kind of hanging on me know. I'm going to have to take them in. Or else I will start looking like a slob. I guess I need to take in the legs more than anything. Who knew your legs would shrink when you did step arobics??? I guess I am just losing my weight from the bottom up. Which is the opposite of how you usually do things. Usually things are done from top to bottom. Well I guess I'm just backwards or something. And I guess backwards progress is better than no progress at all I think.... maybe backwards progress is really forwards progress. Think about it.... Going forwards I put on all of the weight so by losing the weight I am in a sense moving backwards. Or something. But maybe I am over analyzing, I tend to do that. So I do have one bummer for today though. The pretty pants that I was planning on wearing to my Christmas party. I don't think that I am going to wear them. It is only supposed to be 10 degrees tomorrow and I think that is a little too cold to be wearing thin pants that are slit up to the knees. But I will post an update tomorrow. Knowing me I will probably wear them anyway!


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