Losing It All

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A little better

Okay... So this week has been considerably better. I'm still frustrated, but things are better. I finally found a pair of shoes. Surprisingly the same pair of shoes was on sale two days later and the did have my size! Yippee! Did I mention that somehow my foot size changed? I have been a size 9 forever. And now I'm and 8 1/2. Who knew that I would lose weight from my feet first???? I sure didn't. I also managed to find a pair of pants for the gym. So that frustration is gone. However, I was the only one from my little biggest loser group to go to the gym on Saturday and on Monday. Hmmmm..... So I forgot to weigh myself on Saturday. I didn't even think about it. And I managed to make a liar out of myself by going to the step class last night. It was the same instructor that I had the previous Wednesday when I got super frustrated. I know I said that I wouldn't go back to one of her classes, but I guess I had to give her another shot. She asked me when I walked in what I thought of her previous class, and I told her that I thought it was awful. And I told her exactly why. So last nights class was better.... however she only does like five or six different steps when the rest of the instructors do a lot of different combinations. She said that is because she is used to teaching the advanced class, but I've heard she isn't that great of a teacher for that either. But at least I went to the gym. I also started taking release again yesterday. I took it a year ago and lost 20 pounds the first month. Then I stopped taking it because I have a really hard time with a diet that requires that low of a carb intake. I also couldn't take the flavor of the protein shakes anymore. So I'm taking them now, but not changing my diet from the change already made and I'm going to see how that works. It is supposed to boost my metabolism. And lord knows that I will need that with Thanksgiving this week!


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