Losing It All

Monday, November 21, 2005

Frustration Sets In

So last week was a really rough week for me. Not that I was tempted to cheat on my diet or anything, it was just a rough week. Well the whole week wasn't that way. It didn't get that way until Wednesday. We had a substitute instructor in my step class on Wednesday. And she was awful! Obviously I don't have a whole lot to compare it too. But I think she was the worst, I will not attend another class that she teaches. She kept doing things without calling them and changing feet without calling it. And she worked our hips for a full hour. That's just nuts! And she had us doing things that should be done during warm ups during the time when our heart rates should have been in our target heart rate zone. I was so frustrated that I almost walked out. I didn't even get that frustrated the first time that I took a step class. So after class I decided that I needed new gym shoes and they were having a fantastic sale at a store that shall remain nameless. Anyway, I get to the store and try on shoes... by the way they only have like three different styles of cross trainers. So I fall in love with a pair of shoes and go figure they are not on sale and they don't have my size. So I decided to see if they had any gym clothes. Oh they have them alright. For skinny people!!! Needless to say I got even more frustrated then I already was. By the time that I left the store I was almost in tears. By the time that I got to my car I was in tears. And I couldn't stop crying. And I know what you are thinking that it was PMS.... but it wasn't. It was sheer frustration. So I call the love of my life who panics because I am crying and anyone who knows me knows that I rarely cry. He asks what is wrong and all I can say is that I am having a bad day. Bless his heart he tries to make me feel better by telling me that I am beautiful and that I don't even need to be going to the gym and that just makes it worse. I tell him that I have to go and that I will call him the next day. All I wanted him to say was that everything was going to be okay and that if I wanted I could come over for a hug. (yes I know it was all about a pair of shoes... ) I just wish there was a way to let people know what you need to hear...... hmmmm......


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