Losing It All

Monday, November 28, 2005

Feeling Optimistic

So at the unofficial weigh in this past weekend I was at 312.6. I was actually fairly impressed. I was very nervous to look at the scale since Thursday was Thanksgiving and lets face face it.... all of the foods that we all know and love for Thanksgiving are carbalicious. Yes I know that's not really a word... but I think you understand what I am am trying to say. I say it was an unofficial weigh in because no one else was there again. Well there were other people there in my class... but none of my posse were there. But that's okay. I'll just get a gold star for the week! yippee! So I have have lost a total of 8.9 pounds so far. Not quite what I had been hoping for at this stage but it is better than nothing.... I have lost enough to fit into the pants that I was wanting to wear to my companies Christmas party next week. The pants that I spent way too much money on, and have yet to wear because I bought them a size too small. Why would I do that you ask??? Because they didn't make them in my size and I just had to have them! So at least I will finally be able to wear them. So my abs hurt today. Why??? Because I was bored last night and decided to do sit ups. I think I did a few too many. I think it actually hurts to breath. Is that a bad thing??? My guess is yes. So my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and only thing that I had for my list was a fit-ball. If you have never used one of these they are fantastic. Great for Ab and back exercises. Well actually they are great for all toning.


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