Losing It All

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Woohoo! When I weighed in yesterday I was down a pound and a half! Yippee! Although I feel that I must add that when I weighed myself again after my step class I had lost another pound. But I really don't think that counts since it was all water weight and I'm sure it will come back. Any way. I have decided that sweat is gross. I don't like it at all. By the time that I finished the step class yesterday the entire front and back of my shirt were soaked! And that's just not right! A good sign but gross. Okay... if that didn't make me sound overly girly I don't know what will. On a side note I have recently learned that anyone who finds out that you are on a diet suddenly thinks that they are an expert on nutrition. For instance I have a co-worker who was telling the struggles of overweight and obese people. And how difficult it is for those who are weight challenged in the world. Mind you she weighs 115 pounds and has never been over 120 pounds. So how would she know the struggles of the obese? And what makes her an expert and gives her the right to criticize what I eat? Arrggghhh. That just makes me realize why I shouldn't have told anyone that I was working on my weight in the first place. I have completely cut out alot of the bad things that were in my diet and she has the nerve to tell me that the yogurt that I eat has too much sugar in it. Well I'm sorry that I can't be perfect.... But isn't any kind of yogurt better that McDonald's or any other kind of fast food? And was lecturing me on the cream cheese that I put I my bagel. It's fat free and sugar free and that is my lunch a bagel and cream cheese! Give me a break! Any way that's all I have to say about that.


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